Thunderbolt III for next Overbridge Ready Device - compatible with pc's and macs

i think the Thunderbolt 3 input output connectivity data layering would be a big contender for making Overbridge work flawlessly.

and seeing as how the new format is compatible through the recent higher capacity usb port, the fresh hip Thunderbolt communication and data rate would be possibly the most logical choice.

i think the key to making Thunderbolt work is the use of active leads …

"To get all the benefits of Thunderbolt 3, you’ll need to use active cables. Active Thunderbolt 3 cables will use integrated chips to achieve full 40Gbps throughput. You should use active cables where throughput really matters, like when connecting your laptop to 4K or 5K displays. You’ll also want to use an active cable to get the fastest throughput out of local file storage for workstations and servers, particularly if you’re connecting to a solid-state-drive (SSD)-based RAID array. Active cables made of copper are limited to about 6 feet in length–enough to go from your laptop to an external hard drive on a colleague’s desk.

Active optical cables are another type entirely, made of plastic and glass, like fibre optic cables. They use optical (light) transmission to transmit the same 40Gbps throughput, but optical cables can extend their length from 6 feet up to roughly 200 feet. You’re more likely to see optical cables used in long cable runs in a data centre than on your desk. Optical cables will require switching over to optical ports, and aren’t expected to ship until 2016.

As of this writing, there are no passive, active, or optical Thunderbolt 3 cables available. Intel says to expect them by the end of the year."