tIB: salvation - modular pop

Salvation represents a near decade long journey: the music here was first recorded as part of various modular focused experimental electronic projects, which are recycled and edited into more traditional song structures with the addition of vocals and occasionally traditional instrumentation.

Salvation’s lyrics have been penned over the last twelve months - chronicling a period of huge personal change and the usual reflection. The end result is an 11 track electro-pop journey that I hope sounds cohesive (in that the tracks used, which were recorded over a 9 year period, sound married up to the vocal in a way that they were always meant to coexist) and reflects something close to what I’ve been trying to achieve for all these years… time will tell.

I’d love for folk to check this one out and welcome any feedback should you take the time to listen - since dropping off social media I only really promote my music through a couple of fourms - if you know folk who might like it please pass it on! Buy/listen here or via the player below.


cool - having listened to your less song orientated work before and reading they were meant to co-exist in this form (here) got me intrigued. really cool work and certainly very unique. some of the more playful moments come as surprise
must have been a monumental task to sift through these recordings and merry them up with your vocals - glad you did.
great work - congrats! purchased…

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I’ll be back later in more detail but just wanted to say a huge thanks for the support!

Not sure how I quote here so I’ll go this way…

I think pretty much all of my more structures stuff has a vocal imagined over it - my issue has been writing in both having the confidence to do it as well as a need to say something. More recently that has been easier - lots going on!

I think a lot of my stuff is easily classed as quite dark /gloomy without lyrics - some of it is but think there’s more emotion to all of it- hopefully that comes through in this.

Sifting through was time consuming just in the amount I now realise I’ve made- I quite enjoyed separating the wheat from the chaff and there are some funny ways of working there - salvation for example had the theme of dreams running though the music and words - they married themselves due to circumstance!

Anyway I’m really pleased you like it - many thanks for taking the time to listen, feedback and again for the support.