tIB - We Hate Humans

Noises! A bit rawer than my usual- more noise based in places. Various bits used, Bugbrand and Buchla modulars along with Gotharman Little Deformer for the most part, sometimes with some other bits (Monomachine, Xpander etc).

All tracks recorded live as stereo takes, very limited editing to these- I wanted to keep them as ‘live’ as possible. Nine track LP, avalable to stream/buy here:

nice, enjoyed all the way through :slight_smile:

Excellent, happy you enjoyed!

checking out this release now. sick stuff… love it.

You’re too kind! :slight_smile:

Wicked stuff, as always Andy :slight_smile:

Fantastic! the full album!
Checking it out now.
I need to catch up with you Andy re-Buchla use… :alien: