Time stretching and rate knob

For my live set, I have a 32 slice chain of 1 hit melodic notes in C that I can play on my keyboard controller. I want to be able to change the length (via the rate time stretch knob function) so I can shorten and lengthen notes. However, it seems that I can only do that if I have time stretch turned on in the sample attributes. However, that also means that when I change the tempo of the OT so I can use the sequencer in step with Ableton, the notes automatically time stretch. Is there a way to prevent the notes from stretching/shrinking except for when I manually do it on the rate knob?

Also, I had an issue the other day where I had a sliced drum loop and the rate knob would effect slice 1, but it had no effect at all on the stretching of the slices coming after it. Any ideas as to why that might be?

Any ideas?

No idea about the issue, maybe with more informations.

About time stretch, it seems a normal behaviour.
Can’t you record longer hits and modulate Hold / Release ?

There isn’t really any more information to give. I have a drumloop set to time stretch, when I Plock the RATE knob, it only works on slice 1.

That is more informations…
It seems to work for me, if I plock slices and rate in TSTR mode. Sounds more like a roll than time stretch though.

how about using two different slots for the sample…

one with timestretch…one without

That’d defeat the purpose of a sample chain to save slot space.

you’re still saving 30 slots (32 sample chain)… and you are getting desired functionality and you still have 125 slots to work with!


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Probably I didn’t understand an issue correctly but why don’t use Hold and Release Amp setting for shortening length of slices? If I have sample chains of different synth sounds in C and I want to play them via midi keyboard I do the following:

  1. Slicing my sample chain and activating slices on the track.

2a) Disabling time-stretch to have highest quality of the sample sound (in this case pitch will be changed by changing of sample playback speed like in tape and you will not hear granular effect).
2b) In case when current sample was recorded with any time-based effect like delay and I want to keep repeats in sync with project tempo I use time-stretching. In this case you will hear granular effect.

  1. Changing Hold parameter of Amp page to obtain desired length of note and Rel to have tail after key release. Play with both parameters.

  2. Recording my sequence and fine tuning lengths of each notes if it is needed.

The same thing with drum slices. I have nice sample chain with drum samples which I created by sampling Yamaha Motif sounds. When I use it in my projects I always disable time stretch because granular effect appears on long samples like crashes and open hhats.

Hold and Release don’t stretch the sample to give it that cool stretched effect.