TIP - Digitakt sequencing polyphonic synth (multitrack midi)

Hi folks,

This was probably already treated and obvious for some people, but I wanted to share my late night discovery while experimenting with my DT and my Cobalt8m (but it can be done with any polyphonic synth I guess).
I thought it would be a nice tip, even more since I find a bit laboured the DT chord feature.

Using 3 or more different MIDI tracks from the DT to send 3 different melodies to the same synthesizer with for each track 3 different pattern lenghts under 16 steps (or above but I’m quite a lazy writer).

The result is a nice random ambient & organic pattern :

You can as well extend the M.LEN for more randomness, mess with the probabilities, CC control and LFO of each MIDI track to give even more life to your sequence.