Tips for using AK in live performance

New (and happy) Analog Keys user here. I’m setting up sounds for AK to be used in live by my band mate who is also a singer. Since she’ll be concentrating more on vocal performance I’m trying to figure out the best and easiest way for her to recall sound presets I have made.
For now the best way I have found is this - new project - > sound kits (for each song) -> sound preset on each track.
This way it is possible to use multiple sound presets (4 to be precise) in one song and use different fx settings, but there is some cons:

  • tempo is the same for each kit (I know it is possible to sync it with external sequencer, but not in our case)
  • loading new kit before each song is easy in the studio, but might be a little bit hectic for live.
  • possibility to mess up by hitting track button twice - it opens up sound browser and it is too easy to accidentally press “yes” therefore recalling wrong sound. In this case the only way to undo is to load kit again, which might be already too late…

I’m sure Im missing some tips, so I’d like to ask for recommendations.