Tips on master

Hey, I made this short pattern, yet, I can’t seem to get the mastering just right,

any tips? +//I just replaced the file

the drums sounds are from the machinedrum and a mobius pedal. the synth is Reaktor 6 microwave osc and the bass is my pbass.

All audio recorded and mastered in live. I don’t have money for any other software.


Before listening a quick question; How can we know what the mastering does if we don’t have access to the pre-mastered version as well? If it sounds good (or bad…) it could just as well be because of the mixdown or sound design.

After listening the track:

I like really smooth music, so I’m not probably the right person to comment this, but I think the high frequencies were quite harsh and tiring to the ears. I definitely wouldn’t be able to listen to this loud.

Also, at least with headphones, the low end stereo image is weird. There seems to be some kind of a panning effect occasionally, which is unconventional and makes the track very nervous and difficult to listen to. Typically you want the bass to in the dead center.

the single sounds are quiet clear and sound good to me, it think its more the leveling of the single tracks for me. as stated before, the high stuff is too harsh, its hard to hear anything else. other than that nice track! very autechre like :slight_smile:

oh! you are right :slight_smile: I never thought of that.

Oh! really? god dayum, let me try to remix everything before adding eqs and multibandcompressor.

Well, that’s a great tip, there’s a mistake I made inside the MDUW that I panned the bass drum a lot with the LFO when I modulated all LFO sources, so that’ there is a lil’ mistake.
But, I just realized that I had a stereo wider or I don’t know how it was called in the master haha and I was trying to using on the synth track, not the master, and I didn’t listen to it. I think I have my monitors placed wrong, because I can’t listen to those issues with them. Now that I have the headphones, I hear what you are saying to me.

Thanks! I’ll try to fix everything.

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Ok!, better mixing! I do think that the mixing I had inside the MDUW is a bit shifty. :spy:
I think the MD, saturates the sounds too much and repeating long decayed tracks tend to clip a lot.
Like a bass drum with long decay, when triggered in a fast triplet it will clip. I don’t know why is that since I think each track is mono. I guess is the envelope that can’t work on retrig and works more analogish gate. I don’t know.

oh and thanks for liking it! :princess:

I replaced the file.
kept the oldone in this link!