TM-1 Turbo Problem

Hello folks, i got an MD-SPS1-UW+ MK2 (OS 1.63), a TM-1 (firmware 1.05), and C6 v1.51. Also OSX 10.7.5.

I successfully loaded samples to the MD before, even when there was a midi patchbay between the MD and TM-1. But the turbo didn’t work thru a midi patchbay of course. I decided to connect the TM-1 directly to the MD to make use of the turbo mode, but no luck. Direct usb connection between mac and TM-1, direct midi connection between TM-1 and MD. When I push the turbo button it’s lit, turbo also selected in C6. I load a 77k hi-hat sample and it takes around 18 secs. I disable turbo and it takes just as long. I also tried changing the turbo settings from the global menu but that didn’t matter either. Any ideas why turbo won’t change a thing?

Maybe obvious to you but you didn’t mention it so I got to ask…are you using both midi in and output cables connected? They both have to be hooked up to work right.

yep, both cables hooked up. but i tried today with just one cable to the midi in of MD and the speed was the same as with both cables hooked up.

Possible bad MIDI connection, possibly from MD Out to TM-1 In? Try different cables and/or using a MIDI sniffer to confirm data flow?

Could also try re-installing the firmware for the TM-1 even though you already have the latest.

i still couldn’t fix this. i reloaded tm-1 firmware, i tried with different midi and usb cables, with different negotiate speeds. it doesn’t seem to change anything. i send a 80kb kick sample and it takes 21 seconds exactly no matter what i do. even if i just connect the midi out of tm-1 to the midi in of the MD it’s the same speed, 21 seconds. help please this is really annoying :frowning: