To all the intrepid octanauts

Thank you! There are so many great tutorials for this machine that I just wanted to say thanks. I bought an OT a couple years ago, owned it for 6 months then sold it (like so many). But after a brief return to using foot pedal looper, I’m back equipped with a new OT, and it really hasn’t taken that much to get back up to speed with it :wink:

A bit of background: I’m primarily an acoustic musician (main instrument is a modified bowed Turkish tanbur): strings, percussion, etc. I used to use Live to perform with and process and loop these instruments. But problems with a laptop onstage were too much. So, the OT seems really the solution to complex arrangements + live looping without a comp. My acoustic instruments will be my only sound source for the OT, and I’ll post some vids of my setup soon.

Oh, one other random OT related thing: I was watching Cuckoo’s Loopbox video yesterday and noticed how he’d mentioned the one2 trig configuration with pickup machines and the a/b and c/d record buttons. I realised how pressing a/b to start recording and then a/b again continues the recording but also plays back the initial loop (overdub mode, basically). The cool thing about going right into overdub mode is that it definitively prevents clicks when the loop cycles and preserves instrument decay, reverb tails and the like. If one doesn’t want to overdub, just hit c/d and it’s now only in playback mode with no interruption of the audio. Simple technique, superb and consistent results!