Too large fonts, too much empty space, too much scrolling

Basically the title says it all. Too large fonts, too much empty space, too much scrolling…

I would definitely prefer a more compact layout than the current.

I actually like it the way it is right now.

I don’t mind it aesthetically, but it does take a LOT longer to check the forums now.

I in fact agree. The overall layout could be a little more compact. Particularly the spacing between posts, sub-forums and the like but I do like the empty panels on both side. Elektronauts is a different layout format then other forums and that style should be kept.

On the ipad mini it looks fine.

And I think that it is those other formats that keep the layout the way it does. It’s no problem.

I agree wholeheartedly. I feel like I spend most of my time scrolling when on these forums.

Format takes some getting used to. I agree fonts are larger than necessary and some of the layout could be improved.

It’s really hard work on a smartphone! I know it’s a lot of development work to get a mobile-friendly site up and running, but the whitespace and small fonts make it extra hard. this could be remedied easily.

I find it not too bad on a desktop screen, but my request was going to be “a mobile-friendly forum” when I came in today:)

I agree, both on my PC and on my Android.

Jup, as mentioned elsewhere, a bit too spacey.

Also I just messed around a bit with different fonts and found several sans-serif fonts way more readable than the current one.

Museo Slab is fine for headlines and short texts that need some impact but IMO it really fails when it comes down to readability here on the forums.

The reason for me is, that Museo Slab overall is a quite broad font with playful proportions. A little more line-height could help but I’d definitely recommend a more conservative choice of screen fonts for a forum.

I am with the OP and I have been posting about this since the beta opened. The serif font is no good for body text. And I hate the fact that reading the forum involved 50% of my screen being empty space. Forums are for reading, not looking at - these design aesthetics are OK for a product page but they suck for a forum.

As mentioned in a similar thread i’m finding the navigation of Elektronauts to be fatiguing. I’d like to see more info per page, or at least have an option to do so. Thanks!

I do agree with this.

I would really like some moderator feedback on this. Tiny text surrounded by huge lumpy icons and graphics is just tiring to read. had lots of faults but it was fairly easy on the eye. reading things on Elektronauts takes far monger because I see much less information on the screen at once. As a result, I’m participating far less.

Please, Elektron, look at some other forums. Clean text should be king on a forum, not fancy graphics.

Yeah I wish they would have just kept this more like a normal or conventional forum layout…Doubt theres much chance of that changing now!
Would of been really great to just merge the old forum with all its posts into a new forum to.

I’m finding it is an adjustment too. Not to be one of those people who doesn’t like change, but even though the old forum was sterile looking (like Ableton) I found it easy to navigate and not distracting (like Ableton)

So spacing would be something easy to change. The color is also a bit bright on the main page. Like MDUW the red is just a bit much to look at. I wish it were softer and easier on the eyes. I sound cranky I know. Sorry.