TOOL: Danny Carey "Pneuma" Live

If you’re a major TOOL fan like me, you’ve seen this. But also peep the set-up. He’s got modular and NI Battery for samples.

I’m lucky. I’ve seen them twice on this tour. I saw them in New Orleans and just saw them last week in Portland. Just before everything shut down. I have tickets for Vancouver BC in May. Hopefully that still happens.

In any event, enjoy


Danny Carey is the man. I’ve seen Tool four or fives times across the decades and they always blow me away. Being a kit drummer, he is one of my major influences. I’ll never forget trying to nail ‘Aenema’ and only got it when my headphone plug came halfway out of the jack and I could make out exactly what he was playing. The group I was with practiced that song at least 80 times and we only played it perfectly once. Too bad it was during practice and not at a show, but hell, I’ll take it.


Fantastic! I’m mainly a guitarist but I play drums as well and Danny never ceases to amaze. I missed this video in my weekly sweep of YouTube drummer videos. Thanks for that!!!

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