Töörö Polyphonic Synth Module

This looks kind of cool for a small footprint setup. Might pair well with a DT or OT?


This launched a day or two after I first stumbled across the Buzzzy that this guy makes, so the “Wow, maybe listen to the Universe” GAS is running HIGH because both units seem pretty cool.

I’m still waiting on my Liven from Kickstarter, so I don’t think I’ll back another one for a while, but definitely keeping my eyes and ears on this.

I liked Buzzy and had it featured on a few projects.

I will back this TöôRö and see if this product is even better.

I suspect it is.

:raccoon: :space_invader: :grimacing:

Oh, this is someone that participated to the development of the Microbrute [edit: not the guy behind Micromonsta] and some Waldorf synths!
Cool little synth it seems :slight_smile:

Not related to Micromonsta, but cool synth indeed

It’s a very cool synth, hope it gets fully funded!

Cute. I assume it can do 4-note MPE if you load the same patch for all four voices?

I couldn’t resist and pledged on Kickstarter, I wonder whether it will pass, only a few days left to backup.

really love the idea/features/sound. hideous interface though.

on the fence between backing it and just saving up for a prologue :thinking:

The new sound examples on https://fredslab.net/en/tooro-module.php are significantly better than the initial Kickstarter ones.
As are the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOwfqb1cKHbfPFxm2V06elA

Compared to Micromonsta 2, it has a more “traditional analog synth” sound.
I had originally mis-read the details, it’s 6 voices total, spread across 4 timbres.

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I ordererd the Töörö, and yesterday I was about to order the Micromonsta2, but today I feel that this would probably be a bit to much of more or less the same, right ?

Presets will be created by Espen Kraft :slight_smile:

Töörö is a very funny name for a Finnish speaker :smiley:

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Moi (that’s all I know in Finnish)
What does it mean ?

It doesn’t really mean anything but it sounds like it could, so kind of like a word a kid would come up with. Törrö is a surname and törö is a fish, gudgeon in english I think.

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I get that all the time with my name here in North America.

Fred’s Lab the maker of this fine synth, likes funny names. They also sell the Buzzzy.

Crowdfunders in general like to use silly names:
Birdkids, Implexus, Anyma, Aodyo, the Erae from Embodme, Striso, Joyst, Torso, and last but not least Timetosser.


Well it’s only very funny b/c of those umlauts, Tooro would not elicit any finnish vibes and thus not be particularly funny.

That sounds like an Australian bird.

It’s actually a kingdom in Africa, ruled by the Omukama of Toro, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Toro.

How’s that for unusual names.

Interesting but not really that amusing!

No it’s not !