Toraiz as-1

Big ol yawn from me. Analog monosynth with minimal depth. What year is this?

Edit - Just think what that r+d time/money might have achieved if they were trying to do something new instead of weighing up which corner of the market to go for and building something to fit. Lame…


Roland do this every year recently with 303.

People complaining on the Effects section with DSI products should be happy…

Its overpriced yes, but its way more powerful and useful than a volca IMO.
Small form factor and closer to a monologue really, screen I think is key on a synth this big as is the easy access to arp on the front panel.
This where something like the Synthstrom (very different product I know), went wrong IMO, a clear legible display is a necessity these days navigating menu pages.

I like it, sounds really juicey me no likey the price though.

DSI new REV 2 offering in that Toraiz vid. 1min 30 mark. (from poster over on Gear Slutz)

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Dunno man, just seems like the size is the only interesting thing about it, which I guess is fair enough if it’s a requirement, but not something I need. The fact that in the video he kind of gives a beginners guide to synth terminology/functions seems to reinforce this is another bare bones pioneer product aimed at djs with little/zero real production experience. I can see how it could easy crossover in to more experienced people’s rigs too, just doesn’t interest me in the slightest atm. A good thing as mpc + (likely) new Elektron are already gonna be struggle to find £ for :wink:

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yeah I agree, not for me either, however it might sound bad ass without the trashy backing overlays and Dave’s explanations etc.
A single prophet 6 voice could be really good. Dunno, not gonna slam it just yet until someone does a line out.

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If it was multi timbral it might be more interesting but at this stage not interested.

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It seems kind of a weird thing. Not quite a monotron/volca (also more pricey), but not really fully featured either. I mean for that money you can get a Minilogue. I wonder where they are aiming at with this one.


I tried to play on 2 turntables + TR8 + TB3. It’s similar setup to what Pioneer offers (CDJ + SP16 + AS-1), but with no sync. It’s very hard to make a mix with full tracks and synth/drums, because there is really no space to add something to the finished track.
Most Pioneer DJs will end up with auto sync on everything, loops on CDJs and single hits from Toraiz machines.

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Percussion and live textures work reasonably well though.

I often use a Wavedrum and a synth + effects (played live) alongside decks. So long as delays are roughly synched, it works well.

sounds like quality and is clearly a companion for the Toraiz Sampler thing.

like it, even if it’s limited o first sight. :slight_smile:

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This is perfect for the EDM DJ that loves Pioneer that wants something to make blips and blops with on top of their DJ sets.

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And they only need to sell one unit to cover their R&D outlay!


The Toraiz Sp-16 will have a special midi control track for deeper integrated control of the AS-1

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in other news,
Pioneer just dropped their first analog monosynth with the help of Dave SMith. It actually looks pretty solid. Shouldve made it battery powered tho. They probably gonna charge alot of $$ for this.

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Did they fix the bugs on the minilogue ?

I’m very interested in this synth! I can’t decide on this or bassstation 2. I could just save for an A4 tho