Total Recall only without Overbridge latency?

Hi folks,

I have an ARMk2. I mostly use it as a MIDI instrument from Ableton and Logic rather than using the internal sequencer. I want to control it only via MIDI and I have 10 inputs from a Clarett 8Pre/OctoPre combo reserved for the AR so I can play live (I’m a drummer usually). This works great – no latency.

I’d like to use Total Recall so I can save the state of the machine with my Ableton and Logic projects. But these days, adding the plugin always adds USB/Overbridge latency compensation – even to the direct outs on the AR! It makes no difference if I disable the device/plugin – the mere presence of the plugin in a DAW adds the usual ~25ms latency, making live pad playing into the DAW impossible.

Is there any way I can save the machine’s state in a DAW without incurring the latency tax? Or are the direct outs only usable “live” when Overbridge is not involved, and I have to get by with loading projects manually?