TR-8 with Digitakt

Now with the new TR-8 update 1.5, is it possible to sequence and control the Digitakt from the TR-8 and make use of the faders and knobs on the TR-8. If so, how should I set up the CC´s on the Digitakt to make the most of it? There are a few sounds on the TR-8 such as the clap and the snare that I don´t want two different sources from so only 8 sounds would come from the digitakt

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i think…
the cc outs on tr8 are fixed , so unless you can map them to channels 1-8 via another box (e.g iconnect box) i doubt it’ll work.
the cc’s on tr8 are probably unique on each instrument but digitakt are the same, just on different midi channels.

I’d suggest the better method is to trigger the TR8 from the digitakt , maybe run the digitakt output into the sidechain of the tr8 , then into the mixer.
there is a controller mode for tr8 i think , again i’m not sure if you can configure it to match the digitakt.

or , just use the digitakt with a set of tr8 sounds ,
i tend to use hihats/closed hihats on same track , snare and clap. bass drum & Toms , depending on complexity of patters and the decays on the sounds you dont need to use all 8 tracks to play the tr8 range of sounds.

the tr8 update is only adding the ability to trigger a sound without triggering the internal tr8 sound , and a bank change , tweaked to match the 404sx/a , though i havent updated it and tried it out yet.

The idea was to use the Digitakt as a sound module and the TR-8 as an instrument, not for it´s sounds

So you want sounds from digitakt , sequenced by tr8?

Not sure it’s possible
I have both machines and would suggest loading up digitakt with 808 sounds .
I know tr8 has advantages (multiple out , faders) but digitakt is much better to sequence ,fx,arrange,program , manipulate sounds.

You can’t specify a sound to a specific note on the digitakt. So you can’t , for example , put snare on c3, bass drum on d3,rim on f3

You might as well get a £30 akai s2000 or cheap mpc
It’s very possible I’ve misunderstood how the update works as I haven’t tried it yet