TR8S - Beginners Question

Hi all,
just received my Tr8S yesterday and I do have some troubles for which i can’t find any answers.

  1. Importing Samples via SD Card: After successfully importing samples from my SD Card, I keep getting the Error Message: “SDCard NotReady” when to try to import some more samples. Only Solution i found. Remove and re-insert SD Card.

  2. Freezing: The System freezes for a minute or so. This happens when I’m browsing in Utility Menu.

  3. Editor. Is sweet. But Could I also access all parameter through the device itself, rather hook it to a computer?

I am on V2.51. The SD Card is Formatted via my Tr8S. Tried different SD Cards. Problem persists.

Thanks for any help, hints and tips.

1 and 2 no idea

  1. Yes. Its all there. Consult the manual for menu shortcuts.

I dont use the editor. Been on V2 since it came out, never updated. I make all my own kits on the hardware.

Thank you.

For 1 (and maybe 2) I’d try a different SD card. It should not be doing that. For 3, I’ve never used the editor. Hardware is quick-ish to get around on once you know it a bit.

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Rolands are finicky with SD cards. I had a similar problem with my new card for the 404 update.

I would try this. Get a Sandisk card. I think the TR8S is 32 gig max?

I would reset the TR8S to factory, then reinstall the latest firmware, then reset to factory again.

Format the card first on your computer. I think it’s it’s exFAT.

Then format on the TR8S.

Then I would export something to the card before you load it up to import. Let the TR8S establish the file structure as much as possible.

Then load up your samples.


Thank you. A different SD Card solved the problem!