Track 1 and 3 linked?

When I load a sample into track 3 on the digitakt, its also loading it into track 1. Anyone know what’s up here and how to fix this?


that is very strange.
I would first try if the problem is still there in a new project.
And do you have any midi cable connected to it? I could imagine that it has something to do with the midi loop, in case you are using that.

I guess you are simply using the same sample slot with both tracks.

Samples are not loaded into tracks. You load them into global sample slots and then assign a sample slot to the track. When you assign a single sample slot to two or more tracks and then change the content of this slot you will experience exactly what you’ve written about.


Si the remedy is : use a different slot for your track 3 (SRC menu, up right, go down and F’+Yes)

Thanks not sure what you mean by up right, go down and F’+Yes - but it seems to be ok now anyway. Thanks