Track 1 no pitch flex machine

Hi there,

My name is Bruce (artist name bRz), i have got an Octatrack and started working on a new liveset.
Now i’m struggling all day to get the pitch working on track 1.
It stays on 1 low pitch.
If i do the same steps on track 3 the pitch works. When i copy track 3 to track 1 the pitch is non functioning again.

Could someone help me out, am i doing something wrong or is it a “feature”.

I’m running OS 1.25H

Greets and thanks,


You might have it Scene Locked to a low pitch?

  • Press [Playback]
  • Hold [Scene A]; what does the [PTCH] (Param A) value say?
  • Hold [Scene B]; what does the [PTCH] (Param A) value say?

Hi Rusty,
Thanks for the quick reply, but the parameter is set to PTCH.

It looks like an awkward setting on channel 1.
If i copy the same track to track 3 the pitch works.



Thanks Rusty, that was it.


You’re more then welcome.