Track background popping/clicking excess noise

Hi folks,

I am getting excess background white popping noise from the tracks on my new Analog 4 MK2. Not sure what the cause is or how to fix it. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but it just started to happen in past few days and I don’t see any posts here on how to solve it.

You hear noise even with new cleared kit / sounds ?

Yup! This is weird even when I clear kit and start fresh I hear click in track even during record trigs for empty plain sound on the A4.

If it’s just little clicks it can be normal, check this recent thread above, if it’s strong white noise, it might be something else. Audio example ?

No midi receiving? (In case you’d receive CC increasing Noise Level).
Noise Level is at 0 ?

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Thanks I will read this and digest it. Ok ran new test today and disconnected the A4 from OT and created new empty project. I loaded new sounds into the project and recorded the trigs. No more popping clicks! Not sure what was causing it.

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