Track mute and reload pattern state

Hi guys !!
I have two questions about model samples :

  1. I have two copies of the same pattern. When I mute tracks on the first putter, they are muted on the second as well. This is very inconvenient for creating a song from several similar patterns. How to avoid it?
  2. When switching from the first pattern to the second, all changes remain in the first. When I return to the first one, I would like it to be reset to its original state (no changes). How to do it ?
  1. M:S do not works as digi series there is no “pattern mute”…

  2. this how it works changes remain on the pattern ,you have to push func + reload pattern to come back to the latest saved state .

thanks !!
About 1: I mean not a pattern mute, just induvidual tracks, for example if I mute kick track in a first pattern, he will mute in second patter as well. But I don’t want it
About 2: sometimes it’s too difficult reload pattern in right time on start. I think I miss something and I can launch previous pattern in original state, without reloading

  1. pattern mute means that the mute state of each track are saved in the pattern, not working on model samples …
  2. this is the only way you can come back to the original state (func+reload)

Thank you again ! Sad story. Maybe new OS helps me in the future…

I guess this also applies to the ‘digi’ boxes, right ?

if you have Logic Pro, I’ve l made a MIDI plugin that allow to save MUTE states per pattern so the responding MUTE config is recalled when you switch patterns. The limitations (due to the Scripter limitation) is that mutes states can not be saved within project (i.e. are lost when you close project). But fine for a live session.

yes i think so .

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