Track of A4 controlling a track of AR

Hi, I‘m a new owner of the Analog Rytm and Four, both MKII. In some projects I recognized that the Analog Four can control a track of the Rytm. When I press a Note in a Track of the A4, then the sound of the bass drum track from the Rytm is blinking and playing a sound.
I connected the Midi out from the Rytm to the Midi In of the A4, both of them are connected via overbridge with Ableton 10.
How can I deactivate this function?

Check Global Settings, MIDI, Keyboard > INT
Something like that.

Same for knobs sending CC maybe, set them to INT, unless you want to record movements in Ableton. In that case, you should use different midi channels for A4 and AR.

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Or disable, note in and cc in sync page