Track patch sounds not changing when I switch between different patterns?

I have an Analog Four mk1. I’ve only had it a short while but this problem has occurred a couple of times. Previously I’ve done a factory reset to rectify it, but figured I’d ask you all to see if you can help, so I don’t have to do that every time this happens.

I think it might have something to do with the fact I pressed copy and paste, but now every time I switch between different patterns in different/same banks, the patches on each track just stay the same. Before when I would switch to a different pattern it would revert to the original patches that were saved for that specific pattern. Does anybody know how I can change it back so that it switches fully again?


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the patterns and kits are different things. you should read in the manual about it. it is beneficial to know about the architecture… try a search for kits and patterns

basically pattern 01 and pattern 02 can be linked to the same kit (use the same sounds)

or pattern 01 can be linked to kit 1 and pattern 2 linked to kit 2 (different sounds in each pattern)


Great, thanks Nionmu, I’ll give the Cuckoo vid a watch.

I haven’t even saved a single kit yet, so not sure why it’s happened. I did have a quick look in the manual earlier and couldn’t figure how to undo what I did. Pretty sure it’s the copy and paste thing and just need to find a way to reverse it.

If anybody else has a quick fix answer, I would be super grateful.

if u start a new project every pattern will be linked to kit 1. so if you go to pattern two and tweak your sounds, you will tweak kit 1, that means also pattern 1 will sound like pattern 2 when you go back. you have to link (save) pattern 2 to kit 2 for example, to get different sounds for the two patterns… after the video it should all make sense :slight_smile:

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Excellent, thanks. Thats definitely helped me to get my head around it a bit more. Will get on that video and see if it reveals the answer.

Apparently if you load a new pattern, it keeps last used kit assigned. I systematically load the kit corresponding to pattern number.
I should make a template project to make it only once!
(Tabula Rasa)


Here’s my short explanation on how it works.
that people seem to understand pretty quick

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Cheers Dan/Sezare,

This is all starting to make sense. Will give this a try when I get back home.

Thanks for the input