Track recorders randomly starting recording

I’ve only had my Octatrack for a few days and right now I’ve set it up as an effects unit in this way:

  1. Thru track for Monologue
  2. Neighbor track
  3. Thru track for Micromonsta
  4. Neighbor track
  5. Thru track for DT and AR
  6. Neighbor track
  7. Flex track
  8. Master track

I use the track recorder on track 7 to record from track 6 and then mangle the recording. Other than that, I’ve set up a bunch of patterns and scenes, nothing special. The DT is MIDI master, next one in the chain is the AR, then the OT, then the synths. The DT also sends PC messages to the AR and the synths.

Now every once in a while, the track recorder on a random track will be enabled for whatever reason. Sometimes this happens a few minutes into the session, sometime right after the start. There are no recording trigs set anywhere.

Also, the sequencer on the OT sometimes goes into pause mode randomly. I think it happens when I mute/unmute tracks on the DT, but I haven’t been able to successfully narrow it down.

So in order to troubleshoot, I guess my questions are, given my setup: What ways are there to start a track recorder? And what ways are there to pause the sequencer?

From the sound of it, the Octatrack is receiving MIDI CC messages from the Digitakt.


Probably notes, or CC59 (emulating notes).
I recommend OT as Master clock for recordings. You might be able to control pattern changes with DT.


Notes most likely, I’m not sending any CC. I now disabled notes in and CC in on the OT and see if it persists. Otherwise I might try to make the OT the clock master. Thanks guys!

Yeah if you don’t need it. If OT is slaved, you may have slight tempo variations, hence potential recording little problems (few sample length variations, but beware with loops).

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FTR, the problem of the track recorders randomly engaging has disappeared after I disabled incoming MIDI notes, but in order to get rid of the problem of the sequencer pausing, I had to make the OT the master. Now all is well. Thanks again!


If you want to control OT with notes later, check attentively note mapping and select right midi channels.