Track sound assignment changing on all kits/patterns?

I’m having problems with trying to save new kits to use on different patterns but when I change the sound used on a track it changes on all of the patterns on the bank (I’m saving a new kit each time I make a sound change on a new/pasted pattern).

E.g. Create pattern on D1, saved as kit 1. Copy/past pattern to D2, edit sounds/track assignments and save as kit 2. Now when I go back to D1 it’s using the track sound I changed in D2. D1 shows as using kit1, D2/kit2 so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I’m sure this is covered in other posts but I couldn’t find anything that seemed to apply to my problem.

Just to add, this is probably due to me misunderstanding how kits/patterns/sounds work (always baffles me after I spend much time away from the A4) rather than something I had working and is now glitching. I’m guessing that creating new kits is the only way I can have different patterns use different sounds?

I often name my kits with the bank/pattern number (eg. D5) when I want to use them just with a particular pattern.

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Maybe the solution is to create the kit before making any changes, then save (overwrite) the new kit when you’re done.

Ok I’ll give that a try, I’m not sure that explains why kit1 seems to be using the recently changed sound on e.g. kit4 after I’ve already gone through saving/changing 2/3 though.

Do you know if Kit changes are auto saved?

No auto save of kits, as I understand it (auto save is only for patterns).

This post gives a clear view:

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Thanks, that thread’s really useful to remember how the saving works.

It looks like I was doing it correctly and when I powered the A4 back up it was using the correct/different sounds on each kit/pattern. It was definitely applying a sound/track change across all these patterns when I played with it yesterday, no idea what might have caused that but it’s all working fine now. All changes apply fine and as expected.

Disclaimer: I have a Rytm, not an A4. I presume the kit system works the same way on both.

When you do this, you’re changing the current state of Kit 1 until you save the Kit as Kit 2. Copying a Pattern keeps the original Pattern-Kit association until you save the new kit.

Starting a new blank Pattern also, temporarily, assigns the last used Kit to the new Pattern, so making changes to the Kit in this new Pattern will also affect the Sounds in the last used Kit, until you save a new Kit.

You should be able to get back the old, unchanged, state of Kit 1 by returning to the original Pattern and using the reload kit commands (e.g. [No]+{Play/Kit] on the Rytm). This might not work after you’ve saved the new Kit 2… I don’t remember.

The design decision on the Analogs is that new Patterns are treated as part of the same “song”–i.e. they have the same sounds–as the last Pattern you worked on. In a way, because the Analogs have Song Mode, this makes sense from an overall design perspective. If you want your Patterns & Kits to behave like the Digi range (Kit per Pattern), save your new Kit as soon as you start work on a new Pattern. The Digi range does not have Song Mode, so the design feels “symmetrical” to me.


Gotcha. Thanks that makes sense and is a cool way for it to work. As @joris.roling suggested i’ll get into the habit of saving the new kit before tweaking and reload the kits if I ever do it in the wrong order.

Good tip I have to remember. I used to warp my head calculating the Kit number (KIT D5 = (4-1)X16+5 = KIT 53 ?)

Just to be clear - the moment you edit another pattern linked to an existing Kit - you WILL affect that earlier pattern/kit, even if you save teh Kit as 2 at the end of step 2

You have to save it to a new ID the moment you copy it across (before any edits)

Or save it as a new kit from the source, then ensure both patterns are linking to the correct unique kits

This may have been said, but didn’t catch on a quick scan

Patterns retain a reference to a Kit Slot Number, that’s all (plus soundlock references and parameter locks etc)

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Thanks that’s helpful. My usual habit on everything is to save new versions after changes are made to the old so time to break that habit!

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For the record, this does work (on A4MK2 anyway).

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