Track & Teach: OctaMod309 with TR09, TB03, Octatrack, Bastl Rumburak and Modular FX

Hello all!

Here comes another Track & Teach featuring OP1, Bastl Instruments Rumburak, Octatrack, Roland TB03 & TR09 and some modular FX.

The download includes Project file for Octatrack + Tutorial Video + 3 Track EP.
Get it from Bandcamp or Gumroad

The tutorial video goes through how the Octatrack is configured to synchronize modular sequencer using its Cue Output, how it is configured to mix all machines and how the OP1 is integrated into the setup.

-Peace to the whole world, hoping for everyone’s safety-


I really liked the first track.
TR09 sounds so good! I think I’ll have to revive mine from hibernation :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening!! Glad you like it!
Hah! Yea TR09 aint so bad… Especially when it is processed a bit!!