Track to Cue - Out

Hi Guys,

i have a Questione about a Track and the Cue Outs of the Octatrack.
OK, in the Manual i have some Problems to understand how i can route a Sample under Tracks 1, 2,3 … only to the Cue Outs, without route it at the same time to the Main Out.

I need a Signal only on the CUE Out.

Example: Track 1 - Kick to Main Out - Track 2 - Snare to Main Out,

Track 3 - HH only to the CUE OUT.

Thanks a lot =)

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If you are monitoring by headphones you need to adjust the mixer settings page, cue+T3 should work, can’t recall if studio mode would change the merging behaviour so look at the settings for cue/studio

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As simple as holding funtion+CUE track 3 (keep it muted).
Have Octa on CUE mode (not studio).
There is now seperate level for each o/p.



thanks guys, i will check this out!

owned the OT for years and this answer just opened my mind to how to use the cue… man I should have read that dang manual.

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I am not sure I understand but in studio mode set the levels of what track goes to what output using the level knob for each track.

studio mode is :heat:

The main differences with Studio Mode is that you don’t have to route Cue with Fn + Track, and that you can see Main and Cue levels at the same time.
On the other hand, you can’t mute them, that why I prefer Normal mode.

In Normal mode, if all tracks are routed to Cue, it will behave the same as Studio mode.
On the other hand, tracks leds are blinking, which can be annoying.

To sum up, in Studio mode you can’t mute Cue but you can see Cue levels.

There’s a cue mutes track option in the preferences which is nice for muting from mains and sending to cue in one action, cue+track… (In normal mode)
Good for sending tracks to external fx…


Good for 100% wet external Fx and DJ Cue stuff.
I wouldn’t like that behaviour on all tracks.

I send the cue outputs to a channel strip of a mixer for flexible external routing with aux sends and whatnot, various ways of wet/dry and monitoring from there…


I do this too. But I also find the lack of consistent control with Main Level, XLEVEL, and the stuff mentioned before a little annoying.

It is super nice into a mixer, tho.

How do yall choose which goes to Main and which goes to the Cue? At the mo, I’m putting drums and leads on the Main and background textures/atmospheres on the Cue.

From the mixer I use the aux sends most of the time to an analog delay, sometimes to a computer, and most recently I connected a send to the audio input of a little phatty.
So usually I’m pressing cue on whatever I want some creamy delay on, or otherwise some other kind of external effect or processing that I’ve routed from the mixer…


Oh. Sorry. I misunderstood. I am routing different parts of the tracks always to the mixer for better mixing options and thought you were doing the same.

Yeah but I do sometimes what you’re talking about but without a mixer; just straight into pedals. I did that and routed the FXed track back into the OT for further processing. Gooooood fun.


You can mute any track in studio mode regardless of what outs it goes to.


Good point for Studio mode.:thup:
I didn’t think of that, it can be an interesting behavior. As I’m still experimenting, I prefer to be free to mute what I want but in live conditions, it’s another story.

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I thought it might be useful to add that a track can automatically be muted when being cued. The setting can be found in the personalize menu: “CUE MUTES TRACK”


Hi there,
I’m using a track loaded with an Impulse sample, used only to trig something on a Pulsar-23. I can route it to a Cue Output so it’s not audible. However, I didn’t find a way to remove it from the headphones output. What am I missing ?

The headphones output is a mix between the main and cue outputs: you can adjust the mix between the two.


This tiny fader in the Mix screen… thanks !!