Tracks cutting out for one cycle when I change parts

Hey Y’all. New OT user here. I’m absolutely loving it but I have a problem. When I change parts sometimes I will have tracks drop out for one cycle. Then once the cycle goes back to 1 they start up again. This doesn’t always happen. It is not a long sample that needs to be re-triggered this is like a four on the floor kick. Also, this is just when I change parts, not when i change patterns that have different parts associated with it. Thanks y’all!

It’s if you tap the part change on the very last step.

I have some posts about it on here I’ll try to find…

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Couldn’t find a tidy summary of all the potential pitfalls of ‘live’ part changing but it’s definitely more drastic if the part change is made around the very beginning/end of a pattern. That’s when you can get entirely silent tracks for a whole pattern length even if there are more trigs during the pattern.

I’ve ended up using parts more as kits / snapshots of settings rather than on-the-fly

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Thanks! This helps. It’s not that big a deal I just wanted to make sure it’s a bug and not something I did or set up on my end.

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