Tracks randomly disable audio output on OT

I’m having an issue with my OT mk2. Tracks are just randomly stopping audio output after I press stop and then play again. I have to power it off and back on for them to play back and then sometimes not all of them play back. Has anyone else had this issue?

Any Trig Conditions, one shots, lfos ?

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Try a new project with just 8 samples loaded to flex machines on the tracks, don’t build any scenes or change any parameters. Just 8 samples and put trigs on step one of each track, see if it works then… If it does your OT’s fine and it’s something you did in your project…

If it doesn’t then your OT’s messed…


It’s been fine for four months. Yesterday was the first time I used the midi sequencer to run external gear. I think that may have done something? I was running channels 1 and 11 to seq external synths. I have since disabled the midi channels for all audio tracks but that hasn’t fixed it.

Do the external synths feed back into MIDI IN of the OT? If yes just disconnect MIDI IN and see if it is still happening …

Even if you disable the audio tracks midi channels be aware of the auto channel (this will still trigger stuff when an audio track is the active one, isn’t it?).

There is nothing plugged into the OTs MIDI IN.

I’m having the same problem!

A couple projects I’ve been working on for a while suddenly stopped playing audio - no matter what sample I assign. I can’t even preview new samples with function-yes.

The LED indicator over the record buttons do not show an internal signal.

I can get audio with a Through machine though.

If I load other projects, samples play fine. If I go back to the problem projects I get nothing.

I’m not too concerned about the possibly corrupted projects, but do not want this to keep happening.