Traktor and Octatrack

Hi all.

Thank you very much for all your correspondence. Has made a world of difference. Hat doffed here.

Had a lucky night away from home last weekend and took my OT with me with intentions of playing live with pals rather too late at night.

My friend was DJing on Traktor and I was just dropping in some beats but primarily one shots. Was loads of fun (until very early in the morning).

Anybody got any tips on partnering with a DJ set? Had issues with the fact the Traktor set up and OT weren’t clocked/ synced together. Made manual adjustments etc.

Be great to hear if anyone else been trying to be the third deck in a DJ set up.

Take care.


I find it bonkers that the DJ platforms don’t transmit MIDI Sync + Transport. It should be considered standard feature these days.

(Woah… I dropped a “should”. I really try to avoid that. But this one’s ridiculous. There’s almost no difference between DJing and performce these days other than the source of the material)


We had a right load of fun, but having to keep scanning bpm was a mare.

Not my DJ set up, and have looked online to see if there’s a better way…

Looks like it does. I thought I had noodle with this a few years ago. :slight_smile:


I’ve just put in a feature request to Serato (‘cos that’s the system I use).

What do you use for a controller/mixer?

My partner has a Pioneer DJM750 MKII. We noodle around using its BPM detection and the MIDI OUT to clock my DT. Worked fairly well. Just couldn’t do super long mixes. Just enough to go back and forth while I improvised some drum lines.

I’ve got a DDJ-SX3; it doesn’t have MIDI i/o. To be fair, I’ve not tried plugging my Rytm in at the same time to see if it “just works”… I’ll try it later.

This might be helpful:

Also this device which does Link to MIDI:

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Many thanks!

I LOVE Traktor, but it’s been a while since I dug in.
After moving I havent had many DJ gigs.

It seems pretty dated and convoluted to learn, but Ms Pinky is VERY interesting.
If you have some M4L skills you can customize it to do all kinds of wild stuff.
My favorite is live sampling to running vinyl.

You will struggle with using midi over usb. Best way is to send audio to a midi device that can sync to the audio pulse. It removes latency etc and provides a solid bpm.

ERM multiclock does this. Theres another couple out there that I cant remember the names of. lol

I use multiclock which gets its pulse from ableton(abelton syned to tracktor using link)

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This sounds great but I fear the regular Traktor set up has no midi.

Isn’t it thw DJs job to match the tempo? Like that’s the skill right?

…all proper dj deck beatmatching software can spit out a midi clock…
only trouble, most dj only people never heard of midi interfaces…

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Rekordbox 6 has Ableton Link, which you can use to sync up your OT / DT / whatever. I do this all the time, good fun.

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Traktor has ableton link aswell with Ableton. However I do not believe OT can be linked via Traktor? I have linked DT/DN no problem.