Tranceno - 100% Digitone

Heya fellow Elektronauts,

Back with a new groove made entirely with Digitone. Diving deeper and deeper into Digitone sound design and using it as a groovebox. This time something came out that’s a bit different from what I usually make. I’d call it tranceno.

100% Digitone with a little bit of post processing (subtle EQ and limiter to bring up the level).

Pretty cool how much you can get out of 4 tracks with 8 voices :). Still amazes me how deep the Digitone goes even though it might look limited. Small footprint but big results.


Wrong video mate.

Still banging though.


Haha thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:
Fixed it

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Cheers :slight_smile:

it seems you have 800voices on that thing

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Trance on Digitone :blush:
so cool and groovey
that’s a good demonstration why DN is my number one Elektron box
Thanks, Dave, really enjoyable :wave:


Thanks Cema!
Yeah it certainly is incredible. :slight_smile: To say this is a polyphonic synthesizer would be a gigantic understatement.

you can’t do this with analog rytm?

Really good stuff!!

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so good, makes me wanna pair one with the rytm

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This is so good Dave…especially that rise/build part. :clap:

Also, as someone new to the DN, I was watching thinking ‘what’s that page he keeps going to??’… fired mine up and realised what that 2nd page on the Filter does!!:partying_face::partying_face: So thanks for that! :joy:


Thanks everyone :smiley:

Haha now that’s a pleasant surprise ! The second filter is great :relaxed::+1:t2:

Dave, not to blow smoke up your arse…
But there’s nothing you do that I don’t enjoy listening to or watching. If the world was different I’d definetly search out one of your gigs.

Keep it up fella, and show us your shed!

(Alcohol was involved in this reply :roll_eyes:)


Excellent masterclass in both Digitone and track building. Very inspiring. Thank you!

If I may ask: there’s a marker on the volume dial, what were the criteria to set the volume right there? Was it set there for this specific track? Do you use a marker on your other gear? What’s the aim?


What‘s with the „NO“?
Because if Tranceno?

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:joy: thanks dude. Thing seem to start back up again. So I should start sending recordings to Bookers i guess. Where are you located? Who knows I’ll perform nearby sometime.

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

The marker is for my live set. The DT’s volume is always at 12 o’clock, and for the DN to comfortably sit in the mix the volume gas to be near that marker. Depends a bit on the DT gain staging of course :slight_smile:

The track’s called ‘note’ . Hehe.
And indeed for the tranceno.