Transfer crash with Model Samples

Transfer keeps freezing an crashing Model Samples.

Transfered my Samples to my PC for rearranging them to new folders (involved several crashes)

Now I reordered them. Want to transfer em back … freezes all them time. Sometimes after 10 files sometimes after 1 sometimes after a 100.

Tried in 3 different Win10 PC´s !!

Using lates Samples and latest Transfer Version

Any Idea?

I think it’s pretty unlikely that anyone here can understand what went on there. I would contact support.

Of course you have some options on rebooting … somewhere in the manual it tells you about doing a reset, probably in an appendix. But if it was me I would contact support first.

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It is not bricked … that is just the code it shows when the transfer went wrong …
But yeah really frustrating.

But then again it took me 2 Days … and several hours of transfering files one by one but it works …

Good thing that I don´t have any upcoming shows or anything that would be horror with Transfer beeing as it is for me atm.