Transfer nightmare

Hi. I am trying to transfer around 150 atmospheric samples and ofcourse, thag takes like several hours. But during the process the rytm stops receiving but the c6 tool on the mac keeps sending. Hours of waiting just wasted. You have the same problem or is it just me?
What can be done to prevent the AR stop?

I had problems when I first started. I needed to change a load of settings in the C6 and it worked fine ever since.

Not saying these are the absolute correct ones but here are the settings I have in Configure.

Midi in/out are of course set correctly

Misc - Reload files is ticked (don’t know what this means though).
Delay (ms): 0
Turbo limit = None

Sample Settings.
Use SDS Handshake -Ticked
Use Extended SDS - Ticked
Send SPS-1UW - UN-ticked.

SDS DevNo - 0
Rec Format = WAV!!! (this was the main problem for me, make sure this is WAV)

Hope this helps.

thanks must try those settings. so far, on W7 I’ve always had to send wavs in a batch. I’d select say 100, but it would stop at say 60, so I’d just reselect the 40 remaining and continue trasnferring.
maybe C6 gets tired.

Thanks! I’ll try those settings!

Happens for me no matter what settings I have. Anoying to say the least when setting up many big samples.

Same here.
I usually transfer about 10 samples at a time to avoid losing too much time.
“C6 gets tired” :slight_smile: ha, that made me laugh ! I just imagined a tiny hamster in my computer that would start running when C6 starts transferring, and running out of breath :slight_smile:
let’s hope that Overbridge bypasses this sample transferring through sysex nonsense.

Hopefully with overbrigde the +Drive will appear on the 'puter like a harddrive, just like on OT