Transfer not connecting to Digitakt when in OB mode

Connecting the DT to Transfer – with DT in OB mode – was working fine previously but not anymore. Transfer’s connect button displays the spinning wheel for a while then shows an X. I now need to put the DT into USB MIDI mode for it to connect.
Is this the new norm or is something amiss? Cheers

DT 1.11 / Transfer / OB 2.0.37

It’s been the opposite for me… I was never able to connect with overbridge mode on…
now it works even with ableton running… I only have problems swapping from digi and Rytm now sometimes won’t connect… latest versions everything, on windows

I have same problem…hate switch OB mode

same trouble :frowning: but Overbridge work

it’s not currently intended to though - you must use a USB Midi Mode for now