Transfer - pattern rearranging

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Elektron,

make Transfer a software that can spy into the abyss of my machines.
It shall be possible to put out single patterns and move them to another place in a project.
BTW over projects would be even cooler.
This would be such a huge step foreward for setting up a live set.

Even your new baby (Syntakt ;-)) could benefit from this.
I mean hardware should have the pros of hardware (without the drawbacks of hardware).

So, pretty please make this happen and I will buy the next hardware from your family and keep them safe on my producer desk.


agreed x1000000

Add it all transfer functionality to over bridge too plz.

try this, but ensure to read about how it works… use the beta (theres a link in the thread).
again read through recent history of the thread before posting how to get it to work.
and finally…
read through recent history of the thread to see what it can do, cant do, and how it works. it might do what you want .

what you request has been asked for , maybe it’ll develop further.

Thank you. I know this already. :wink:
Digitakt only, though. What about my other boxes?