Transfer problem on Rytm


I have an unprecedented problem on transfer. it works with all my machines (digitakt, digitone, octa) but absolutely does not work with the rytm. The message “status failed ----- info : Unknow filesystem”

Unknown filesystem on each sample. anyone have any idea on this mystery?

What RYTM OS and Transfer version?

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Just as an experiment, maybe try connecting RYTM to a different computer with Transfer installed there - and see if it makes any difference?

Also wondering, did transfer ever previously connect to RYTM without this error? I would definitely make sure RYTM is running the latest OS, and that you have the latest version of Transfer as @mekohler mentioned above.


Rytm : 1.50A


You need to update the RYTM to the latest OS

I have a message : The “C6” app needs to be updated.

The developer of this app must update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer to find out more.

My OS is BIG SUR 11.6.1

C6 is replaced by Transfer. You can send sysex with it like with the C6. As mentioned above you need to have the right Rytm OS and Transfer versions for both to interwork correctly

I have the latest version of OS MAC, and I just downloaded C6. So I imagine this is the latest version. It’s strange.

I can use transfer to upgrade OS of Rytm ?

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This. Had the same problem. Firmware update fixed it. How to update is provided if you download the fw.

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ok. i use transfer. upgrade OS. i try to transfer Smples.

Now that I think about it if Transfer does not work it will be hard to upgrade if it does not recognize the Rytm :open_mouth: Maybe use the Sysex librarian freeware.

Or perhaps change the USB mode in Rytm to MIDI instead of Overbridge.

But usually if Transfer recognizes your Rytm you can just drop the sysex into the application window.

IT’S GOOD. Cool. Thanks you very very much.


Cool! And now have some fun with it :slight_smile: