Transfer problem with aif files

Hi, I’m having so many problems with aif files doesn’t send to the Model Samples via transfer. Only with aleatory aif files. Problem on OS X and W10

…well, wav files are the prefered format of transfer…and so is 48k, 24 bit…

It’s not about the file format itself (transfer can deal with it) or the OS, but:

Aiff files can be copyright protected which prevents unauthorized programs to open them. For example many (most?) of the aiff files coming with Ableton Live cannot be opened by other programs.


Please do not spread incorrect information on the forum.
16 bit has always been the native format for the M:S, the AR, and the DT.

From the model:samples manual:



…sorry…just learned, my knowledge is pretty outdated here…
in fact, have’nt used transfer since ages…even worse…used it only twice when still brand buggy new…
never update my machines with it by myself cause somebody else is doing that for me, m:s is only in the hands of my son, filled up with all additional elektron stock sounds up front, so also no real clue here while takt, well, has left the building almost a year ago…
so, hell yeah, what do i know…and how dare i, to speak of 24bit…lockdown madness…i guess…

Maybe this is the problem with some of them but others I had problems are machinedrum sampled files :disappointed:

What has produced the aiff files in this case?

Ableton Live :sweat_smile: