Transfer - Samples app for IOS... anyone here using it?

Curious if anyone has tried this app out. If I could go from field recording to sample mangling said field recording, all while still in said field, I might never go home again. I’m currently enjoying the freedom that a power bank has granted me and the M:S more than anything, this app appears to be the butter to my newfound bread. Any insight from someone who has used this app would be greatly appreciated. Really I just want to know if it does what it says it does, transfers samples to the M:S.? Transfers would be sent from an iPhone11 if it makes any difference. Sorry if this topic is redundant, I searched the forum pre-post to no avail. Thanks.

I’m also really interested in the opinion of anyone else who has tried this. See it’s been updated already and it now works with the Digitakt.

Why don‘t you try it yourself? You can always get back your money if you don‘t like it.

Ok, got so much help and information lurking on this forum last couple of years I made a purchase to take one for the team!

Best way to describe it currently would be a work in progress.

You can browse the IOS files app, load your samples from there, one button press and it’s moved onto the model samples into a folder named uploads.

All works ok but it’s currently only one sample at a time. No option to create folders/kits or transfer multiple samples at once which I think is a must.

I would never use it for recording or editing samples, far more robust and feature rich editors available on IOS (I tend to use Auditor).

In summary, it works, it transfers samples (one at a time).


Seems a bit concerning the developer doesn’t seem to know how to program a que.

It‘s for a future in-App purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you, I just downloaded it and ran it through a few test loads. It is certainly a work in progress but it will work for now. Simple file and folder management would be great. I also agree that I will likely never use the recording portion of the app. There are already great apps in that marketplace that have years of development and money behind their ui. A focus on tools that make sample management less tedious at the end of the day would be a better selling point for a file transfer app IMO. Either way, I’m stoked to be able to record, transfer and mangle without a computer.

Does this raise the possibility that, just maybe, model:cycles might be able to shuttle audio into model:samples eventually?

If model:samples can be taught to read iOS files on demand, surely it can read some byte-streamed audio data from its sibling (via elektromagic protocol, of course)?

probably not… that would require the cycles to be able to render audio files and act as a filesystem device for transfering from… I doubt elektron will implement this on their budget line

would be cool though

For anyone interested it’s been updated already, can now select multiple samples & name the containing folder before transfer.
(Only tried it with the model samples so far)


Glad to see that people have tried this and that it already has some degree of functionality. I have a Model:Samples on the way to me, so I can’t test it yet, but did download the app.

I’m mostly a novice in terms of hardware, but have an army of iOS apps for music production and audio editing. It looked like I was able to access files from AudioShare, so as long as I have that, I’m set.

Really, the inability to sample directly into the M:S becomes a non-issue if I can just use my iPhone as a touch-screen sampler/editor and send that via USB/Camera Connection Kit directly to the M:S. Sample editing on the small screen and rotary knobs of the M:S would be a bit of a nightmare anyway, so this could be an ideal solution.

I’ll be sure to post back with my own impressions as soon as I get my M:S and can actually try it for myself. Thanks!


You’re in for a ton of fun. I’m running this set up with an iPhone and it has really opened up some fun possibilities. That same camera adapter will let you run audio out of the ms usb to your phone as well, so you can functionally resample now, just takes a few steps.


I’m surprised the developer hasn’t popped up here. It is pretty much brand new though they might not have been ready to market. That base description seems worth the $6.

Thanks! Really encouraging to hear. The Digitakt looks like a really awesome piece of hardware, but honestly, given the choice between:

(a) Sampling directly into a Digitakt, Electribe Sampler, etc. and editing on the hardware; OR

(b) Being able to edit samples using the full suite of iOS audio apps, and transferring over USB cable to the Model:Samples

…I just think I would prefer option B. It does require an extra “device” (an iPhone/iPad), but it’s one that all of us are probably carrying around in our pocket anyway (and extremely powerful).

It’s great how accessible option b has become in the last few years if you want to go that route. I’ll always do the bulk of my work in studio on MPC because, habits. That being said, as soon as I got the MS and figured out a portable power solution, I found myself digging through the junk cabinet for my old iPhone and falling down a rabbit hole of lightning adapters and recording apps. Now that I can LOAD samples IN to the MS with the same gear, I find myself with a fully functional remote rig that can achieve or backdoor-mimic most of the capabilities of my studio rig. The stuff I’m making on the MS has its own unique feel that you only get from bouncing off the walls of gear limitations, and has been breathing new life in to the work I’m doing in the studio.

I would suggest grabbing one of these… it’s made it a lot easier to manage and transfer samples between MpcOne and iPhone. Also the quickest way to steal your friends drum samples from her hard drive. Not that I have ever done that.

SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad - SDIX30C-032G-GN6NN,Black

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@alexalx666 appears to be the developer - he posted on 07/28/19 while the app was in development!

Hey everyone, developer here, current status: works with M:S and Digitakt, you can transfer individual files or folders, Android version planned for Sep-Oct. If you experience problems with the app or have feature suggestions / general feedback feel free to get in touch on FB or here :smiley:


Excellent! Thanks for the response and for the continued development on the app. Folder transfer was definitely an appreciated addition.

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that’s great idea to drop samples into ms…do some mangeling/arranging and send back to the ipad!
just pressed the download button!
i do almost everything on my ipad and have kinda ignored my m:s since i got it, this is def something i’ve been waiting for… the other thing i wish we had was that samples didnt cut each other off in the same track

You could use a second track for all the samples that are getting cut off. Or a third or fourth etc… I often use three or four tracks to layer stuff and avoid sample cutoff, then use that ‘resample’ trick to shrink it all to ONE track and move on. Much less of a workaround now that I can just sit and do it all with my phone.