Transfer with Rytm MKII is Painfully Slow. Any workarounds?

Trying tio load up some samples on my Rytm and it is like pulling teeth, just an awful awful process. Are there any qwork arounds to do this faster? Creating a new folder on Transfer for instance takes about 2 minutes before it shows. Then another minute after you double click it for it to open and so on. I was thinking of getting a Digitakt as well but if this is how it is to put samples on their samplers I will go another direction. A REAL shame a $1500 unit doesn’t have an external drive slot.

Can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like this — I move samples on and off the Rytm pretty quickly, have no trouble creating folders, etc.

Are you sure it’s not your computer acting up?

No, i am not sure. My computer doesn’t act up in other ways, especially transferring data to drives, etc. so if it is my computer it only does this with the Elektron machine. I have it connected via the Elektron USB > Overhub > my computer. Overbridge is solid as a rock with timing so I don’t think it is the USB connection. Very strange. Regardless, I can get samples on, just didn’t think i would need to allocate a aouple hours of my day to do it. I will keep plowing through with this huge 100mb of samples LOL

Hmmm it is strange, and sorry to hear it’s happening. I’m not expert on this stuff, my best advice would be basic things like restarting your computer or unplugging / re-plugging the Rytm back in to see if it changes. I’ve been having a ton of computer issues today (not Elektron-related, fortunately just for unimportant things like one-on-one meetings with my boss and such).

Good luck in any case!

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I transfer batches of really long samples all of the time to my AR and DT with no problems like what you describe…they are both fast.

I dont think its the AR…

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I just had a minor break through for anyone else that encounters this. I was attempting to drag/drop from my computer to the “explore” transfer window, instead of using the secondary local view window of my computer, and using that secondary window to access to the files is making it a little faster to do things

Yes, user error. Triung to drag/drop from my finder window into Transfer did not gel with transfer. Using Transfers “Explore” browser to locate files I want to bring over made the whole process A LOT smoother. So kids, be sure to use that internal browser on Transfer. to make life easier