Transferring over from Mk1 to Mk2 Rytm

Seems strange to me that there isn’t clear information about transferring samples + projects from MK1 to MK2.

I’m having difficulties doing it.

When I send a project from C6 to Mk2, will it dump all the data onto the currently opened project, then I need to save it? (As the same name for obvious reasons).

Using Transfer, I took all the samples off my rytm by just dragging the two main folders onto my desktop, then I dragged those folders into the Mk2. The folder hierarchy looks identical now on both, yet when I opened up one of my projects on the Mk2, only the factory default samples are coming up in the project, even though when I check the +drive, all the user samples seem are there… but in the project they are just blank (when searching through the sample page)…

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

It’s also pretty ridiculous you have to do each project 1 by 1…