Transferring patterns to A4

I’m trying to copy my AK setup to my A4, since I’ll be on the road shortly and want to work on that stuff in a more portable format. However, I can’t get the patterns to copy. The sounds, kits, songs, and global settings all transfer just fine when I do a full backup to my computer, then dump it to the A4. Just not the patterns. When I try the patterns by themselves (without the kits and sounds and whatnot), they also won’t transfer to the A4. However, A4 patterns transfer to the AK just fine.

Are AK patterns not compatible with the A4, or is something else going on here?

are both units on the same OS version?

if yes, can you send me one such pattern from the AK?
might be able to figure it out.

Thanks! Now that you mention it, I think the A4 is on 1.1B and the AK is on 1.1C. I’ll get them on the same version and let you know!