Transitional Sounds! Breakbeats! and more in new pack

Hey guys, I mentioned awhile ago I was working on a new pack for M:C for transitional sounds and other useful things for the Cycles. I have put it on gumroad now. I plan on previewing the sounds in a YouTube video when I get the time but until then here it is:

Comes with 167 presets and 32 patterns.
16 of the patterns are utility-based, featuring breakbreats and genre-specific drums to be used as starter points.

there are also LFO-detailed sweep ups and downs ready to be strategically placed within the pattern, Works best if you live record them . Turn the delay time to 0 to create an entirely new sound.

let me know what you think please…like it or not. This is my first time making a soundpack and i based it around what i found most usefull.


Great concept, would love to hear a demo if you’re able to record one?


yes im working on that this week. if you dont mind, what interests you most about this pack? I cant preview every sound and dont plan on previewing the other 16 non-utility demo patterns. but i do want to fill a need within the model:cycles community.

Not to be facetious but it’s literally gonna be “the good ones”… it’s impossible to tell what’s good without any samples. You could just layer “you are now listening to AraabMuzik” over it if you’re worried about people stealing samples or whatever.

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I’d be curious to hear the slow/long transition sounds, as the MC is more geared to staccato percussive sounds. Also the ‘classic drum breaks’ mentioned in the link - I assume these are cover versions of well known breaks?

+1 for a preview of some kind, either a recorded one (layered with whatever to prevent sampling) or a small subset for free … what ever works for you.

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Maybe even just a track made with these Sounds only, that would give a flavor of what you offer…


DO NOT BUY THIS and I mean it.
I wish I’d given those 10 bucks to a homeless person rather than getting ripped off buying THE WORST, crappy pack ever. It’s not worth 1 dollar!
There is absolutely nothing, no talent, no work, no soul, no nothing… Just pure crap! Made by someone who’s trying to make a quick buck
Believe me, SAVE YOUR MONEY and forget about it


Wow… this is harsh :sweat_smile:

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I’m sorry, I thought a lot of the 100+ sounds were unique and the breakbeat and genre specific patterns would be helpful. Can you be a little more specific with your critique? I feel bad…

Not trying to “make a quick buck” btw. I don’t appreciate anyone assuming my intentions. I put out a free version of the pack on mediafire and passed it out on Reddit not too long ago. I was just trying my hand at making a pack being inspired by Adam Jay’s pack. I personally use the sweep ups, claps and impact sounds a ton as well as the all tone drumkit.

Everyone else: I’ll have a video done this weekend with an overview of the sounds. I’ve downloaded every other sample pack for Cycles and I feel like this one is truly unique. But maybe @frawal is right and it sucks.

Yes! I have the Amen and Funky Drummer break in there and one other. In that same project is genre specific drums such as house, disco, trap, drill etc