Travel speakers

may be flying out of town for a couple weeks and am planning to take a couple of my elektrons. i expect to be using headphones much of the time, but i’m thinking a pair of small speakers would be great as well.

ideally they would plug into an elektron’s main outs directly and be small enough to fit into a carryon bag.

looking for something decent, with the understanding that everyone has a different understanding of what “decent” means. they don’t need to be monitor quality of course, and i don’t expect my subs to shake walls, but hearing more or less the full frequency range would be nice.

anybody have good experiences with something they’d recommend?

Minirigs are apparently great.

You can use just one, or pair them up for stereo.

Surgeon said he recorded his Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1 as a field recording of a Buchla Music Easel and a looping pedal playing through a mini rig. And that album sounds bloody great.

Will definitely be picking one up at some point.


Yeah, the minirigs are pretty great! I have one tweeter and one sub. It’s a good set for picnc music listening, and can even be somewhat loud in high gain mode. The sub is not super accurate (wouldn’t trust lowend decisions blindly in a mixing situation) but goes low enough to feel the bass.

However, for the money, there might be better alternatives nowadays - portable speaker tech has advanced immensely in the last two years with all the big companies having jumped on board. Especially the new JBL products offer almost the same sound quality at a fraction of the price. I’d look into the JBL Flips first (JBL clip is not recommended, the battery doesnt last long), two of those would be way cheaper than a 2+1 minirig setup (although the minirigs are pretty good…!)

and then there’s the new IK multimedia portable monitors, those interest me greatly, but I’d need to hear them in person to know if they’re a better set than a 2+1 minirig setup…

Picked up a Bose Soundlink Mini for hotel usage on fly out shows. Been absolutely brilliant, can’t fault it :slight_smile:

Bumping old post :slight_smile:
Thanks for leading me here

I have been out of town this weekend & it was my first time with my model:samples traveling with me

I play with it with headphones sometimes (even at home), but I was wondering if some of you use some portable speaker (small as possible, but with nice audio quality) & have any recommendation to share

It would be nice to have some good speaker for my next trip