Triangle wave is buzzy

New AK owner. I can’t get a clean triangle sound. There’s always a buzz, no matter what the volume of the oscillator is set to (so I assume it’s not clipping). I can get it to go away with the lowpass but by the time it’s completely cone it just sounds like a muffled sine wave, not a pure triangle. In fact, most the oscillators seem a buzzy compared to what I’m used to on older synths. Is this just the nature of the AK sound? I’m used to old Rolands and Korgs it’s taking my ears some time to adjust maybe. Creating some crazy patches though can’t seem to fit them in a mix. Not really upset about it.

Try adjusting the PW on the OSC you are using. If you increase/decrease the PW on the TRI wave from 0, I’ve noticed it gets buzzy.You can use the PW mod to add a bit of harmonics to the TRI wave. I like it. If you’re looking to remove that edge, make sure the PW is at 0 and the PW mod is also at 0. I’d also ensure you don’t have any OSC sync or AM going on. Yet another thing is to ensure there is no drive in your filter.

Just some thoughts. I love the AK, though it isn’t as immediate to get a sound as my Alesis Ion or some other analog synths.

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I noticed the buzziness / lack of bass on the oscs as well. I’ve come to get used to use both filters creatively, combined with key tracking. Especialy the lpf can be used to smoothen things up.

For extra bass i find the hpf with reso, and put tracking to 32. As much bass as you like…

peak filter + filter tracking on filter 2 is the best option for bass weight. p lock parameters per note for bonus bass weight points

Thanks, but unfortunately I’ve checked all those things before posting. I’va also noticed that my init oscs sound different from what I hear on youtube videos but I take that with a grain of salt, and I understand the sound has changed a bit with firmware updates. Just wondering is this is a glitch in my DCOs because the pure init TRI has a buzzing sound at all volumes, in fact, all waveforms seem to have it but it’s harder to tell by ear. Need to bust out the oscope I guess.

My default techniques for subtractive synthesis often just don’t yield the expected results on this synth, more than any other I’ve used. It’ll probably just take some practice. Hopefully I’ll get it. I had a similar issue with my Monomachine, could never get the sounds I wanted from it aside from drum sounds. But I kept it for 8 years as a sequencer and arpeggiator. Sadly I can’t use the AK in that way :confused:

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I concur! This has very much been my experience and personally I kinda love it. The more time I spend w the A4 the more I learn and am surprised by.

Might be a long shot, but have you tried recalibrating ?