Trick to control rate of pickup machine with crossfader

I accidentally discovered this:

I was always bummed that pickup machines lack a rate control. To me, that’s where I get the most mangling potential is in playing things forwards, backwards and and all speeds in between.


  1. load a flex machine
  2. assign a scene to change it’s rate
  3. switch a pickup machine in where the flex was
  4. the scene assignment (and rate control) will still be there, it’s just invisible.

You can’t edit these once the pickup machine is in its place, so assign all the rate permutations you think you might need while it’s still a flex machine.


PS, Elektron: never fix this “bug”. It’s awesome :slight_smile:


Easter egg! Thanks!

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Nice find, must try this one out :wink:

Nice find! I’ll have to try that.

I wonder how many other parameters can be accessed like that…

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Nice one Thanks!

Discovered this yesterday by accident :slight_smile: nice!

One of those happy OT accidents

Nice. Reminds me of the Reverb on FX1 Slot Hack and this could imply that more such hidden control could be possible.
Happy testing! :nerd_face:

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