[Trig Channel] CC Out only working on Channel 1

Am I understanding the manual wrong? When I set the Midi Trig Channels to 1-8 only Midi Channel 1 seems to send out Midi CC when I turn the Volume knob. Isn’t it supposed to send out CC depending on which track is active? If track 2 is active and set to Midi Channel 2 and I turn the Volume knob, shouldn’t it send out CC on channel 2? I have Audio CC set to Int+Ext.

“TRIG CHANNEL sets which MIDI channels the audio tracks respond and send data to. If for example MIDI channel 1 is assigned to track 1, the track can be externally controlled according to the mappings found in “APPENDIX C: MIDI CONTROL REFERENCE” on page 136. The track can at the same time, when active, send out MIDI data on MIDI channel 1. This occurs when the DATA ENTRY knobs are adjusted and when [TRIG] keys are pressed. An OFF setting means the audio track will not respond to, nor send out, any MIDI data.”

Okay I solved it. I had the same channels set in MIDI CTRL. Didn’t know that this would disable the CC out function on the audio tracks. Thought it just would cause unexpected behaviour if that was the case. Now I know and i’ll leave this topic here instead of deleting it if someone else is having the same trouble in the future.

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