Trig Conditions / Fills

Been playing around a little bit with Trig Conditions & Fills on Octatrack (Master) and Rytm (Slave)

Is it possible to sync fills between the two machines?

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I don’t think so.
We’d need midi implementation for that.
Good feature request.

It’s actually possible with 2 hands with very long nails. :slight_smile:

BTW I have a feature request to use arrows up and / or down only, without page button.

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Seems like it would need to be a function with double functionality, maybe you sometimes you just want Fill A machine and not B machine, A + B together. Almost like Scene Lite on Octa.

Imagine this: since the page buttons are usually on the right, and function on the left, place your machines on the desk accordingly, then you could one-handedly press Function on the machine you want to slave fill (right side machine) and press fill on the Master (left side machine).

Dunno if that’s possible across midi however, but it would be pretty neat :slight_smile:

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If it was implemented; then yes, would be possible over Midi. There is more important things that are required before that though.

So, seems like I wasn’t missing anythin then… ah well.

Maybe they could make it like a CC value to determine if the machine is in Fill mode or not?

To answer your question, it isn’t- but then I started wondering how it could be done.

Would be a crazy, crazy thing and if it’s designed as a message from 1 -> 2 you’d still be able to to play the receiver fill without the sender.

I’m very happily jamming on my dark trinity (well, semi dark…? MK2 Octa). However, I would absolutely love to be able to sequence fills from my Octatrack and also, possibly more important, from my DAW when I multitrack.
I’m able to somewhat get by with the finger dance to make this all happen but it often leads to missed fills and mistakes which in the end cost time (especially when recording in a DAW).
Does anyone know of an external way to trigger fills?
I assume Elektron would have to map the feature to a MIDI CC, NRPN, or the like but wanted to see if I’m missing another possible way.