Trig Length Not Saved With Patch?

Does anyone know if there is a way to have the Trig Length in the Note-page be saved with the patch?

The fact that it is not is a major pain when I play live, as my patches are often very dependent on the Trig Length-setting. So now I need to have a physical paper with my on shows to know which Trig Length to use for the patch, which takes a lot of unecessary time.

Thank you!

presumably you mean for step recording purposes, the note len is an attribute of the track, not sound/kit, if you want to improvise a step session, just save a track with a non default len before you run, you may need to add a trigness trig or something to save a blank as it were, not sure, just try it

Okay, I think I understand.

I will have to try and adjust the amp-settings instead. Thank you!


Note length is stored with the pattern not the sound/patch.

Maybe try the gate length on the envelopes to ensure your patches play staccato? Depends on the patch obviously but could be useful