TRIG MODES menu needs some love

I can’t be the only one that under utilizes the delay control because it’s all the way at the bottom. :wink: The machinedrum spoiled me with how easy and fun it is to get in and out of the mute page. :joy:

I think part of it is that I can’t see the whole list at once. How about making it sticky?

Plus, a lot of my function + cue accidents seem to happen when trying to quickly navigate this menu. It’d be nice to have 2 smaller lists.

Function + up gets you 3, function + down gets you three

Or like the parts +/cross ? Press function + up on group of 4 and function + down a group of 2.

Or cue + up & down don’t do anything? Maybe we could assign favorites?

Or double tap function to bring up a sticky list?

Of course, I’d love if the trig mode was per track (under the playback setup page?) and then I wouldn’t have an issue with a big list.:kiss:

I dunno maybe I’m alone on this one .But it feels antiquated - and at odds with how fresh the rest of the UI is.

Although, I don´t even use half of the options in that list. I was surprised that the navigation didn´t wrap around. Been many times that I needed to go from default to delay. Which, if wrap around navigation existed, would mean press UP once (from default) and you´d be there instantly (this is something I´m kinda used to in other of my gear).

But on the other hand, it would mean that you may become uncomfortable with the same behaviour in other kind of lists (i e system menu). Since you actually “load/confirm” those selections. In the trig modes, the selection happens instantly upon button release. Now it is quite consistent in all menus, so I can understand the thinking…

I agree they should change the way you select the play mode.
There should be a key combination that allows to select a play mode using the trigs keys.
Same thing is with selecting and saving parts. I’ve already suggested that to the ELECTRON and they said they liked the idea.
Will extend my FR to the selection of play modes.

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Yeah I like the trig keys idea a lot! :joy:

because - I wish it’d kick you out of step entry mode too. Maybe I’m missing something, but is there any reason you’d want that to stay active? I mean you can’t use the trig mode while in step entry mode. It’s just more presses in turning it off and again and when I’m rushing to switch modes I get stupid. :slight_smile:

+1 trig modes PER TRACK, saved on power-down!!!

Trig modes per track would be amazing! Pleaase! :slight_smile:

+1 trig modes PER TRACK


+1 :joy:



Per track would be beyond amazing.

Yessir. I too with I could direct-select between Trig Modes with the keys, rather than having to scroll and watch the menu.
Many people wish they could assign/hold the Trig Mode per Part, but given how I program different Banks of Parts do define the OT’s duty (drum machine, looper, synth, etc) and drive Patterns and Scenes from there, it would help MOST if the Trig Mode could be saved on a per-Bank, or per-Part level.