Trigger different sample slots from external midi pads using CC19?

What I’m trying to do is this: if you send a midi signal to the Digitakt on CC19, then the midi value (0-127) will select a sample slot on the Digitakt. 1 selects slot 1, and so on.

I thought it would be good to use this to easily trigger different samples on the same track, but it’s proving harder than I thought. You need to send the CC19 signal, and also a regular C3 note, in order to play the sound.

If I do this, using an iPad app that can send a CC and a note at the same time, it kinda works in live record mode, but it’s messy, and I have lots of yellow trigless locks around afterwards.

Has anyone ever tried to make this work? I know the Digitone has something like this built in.

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Not tried it, but this is interesting, might see what can be done using an Axoloti/Axo…nonetheless it opens up some interesting avenues so thanks for pointing it out

edit: ah…still interesting after a year has passed

Yo, trying to do the same thing and I’m encountering same problem. Also another problem is, that when sending slot value and note value at the same time, the old (current) slot is played, as DT doesn’t change the slot so quickly.

I’m not sure if it is a bug or hardware limitation. It would be absolutely awesome if it was possible to play sample slots from external controller, I can totally imagine a workflow where I assign 2-3 samples on pads and then live record a the track.

Did you manage to make it work for you somehow?

dbanfield was also trying…

I’ll just quote myself quoting myself here.

Funny thing is, that the sample slot is out of sync when I play the pads live manually, but when I play them as a sequence (I’m doing it from the Novation SL MK3), DT records it correctly, even though the “live preview” is out of sync, the trigs are recorded correctly - both slots and notes. When I look at the MIDI events coming from SL, there is seemingly no difference between live playing and sequence playback other than the sequencers being in sync.

That’s because you record it into the internal sequencer, which of course can actually play it back the way you wanted it from an external source.

I don’t know why there is such a big difference between external and internal, because you can actually audition p-locked steps with different start points in real time.

There must be something in the engine like buffering that prevents you doing it via midi.

Anyway, there are at least 4 topics now with the exact same question.
It’s simply not gonna work unless Elektron changes the firmware.

Yeah, it most likely works because there is some “consolidation” time between the input being received and committed to the sequencer, so the timely order of events is evaluated and properly transcribed into sequencer. Thanks.

Is this still not possible to do without workarounds? Octatrack GAS increasing