Trigger drum rolls/builds on fly with MD during live performance

Hi folks. New MD-er here.

Only Today I’ve realized some of it’s true potential. The initial scary phase is wearing off at last I think (It’s my first piece of non computer involving hardware;).

Just wanted to get some tips from people on how you guys trigger builds and drum rolls to build to a crescendo during a track whilst playing live.

I’ve been fiddling about and the only way I can figure it out is in song mode to just have a few endlessly looped drum loops with rolls ready. Have I answered my own question here?

When I try to manually punch in the triggers in pattern mode I inevitably punch back in the wrong triggers to bring it back to the normal beat once more.

While I’m at it, in what mode do people generally perform live with?

Many thanks for reading these foolish questions!

Hey I just partialy answered your questions on the OT thread, I got a MD also and I must say the OT is kind of better suited for on the fly drum fills. I hope someone could bring me up to speed on this topic as well!

all I could say is the CTL ALL machine can do a great buildup although it wont be affecting the pattern,

Other than that I guess un-mutting tracks could do the trick for added hits but meh… I just wish it had one shot trigs as the OT has.

working with a pre loaded snare sample or the E12 snare, you could set the retrigger rate to 64 or 127, and then slowly increase the number of retriggers, while also using an lfo tied to track volume and increasing the lfo amount over time.

Or you could have 2-3 snare tracks… one with the standard and the 2nd/3rd with additional builds, and then possibly add above techniques to taste.

You could also build you pattern in classic mode, then switch to extended when you want to introduce the fill or variated pattern.

External sequencing from your computer another option.

For the OT, besides the retrig & scenes, you could use slices (sample chains) and use a scene to morph through slowly building versions of the pre-recorded roll. Add delay and fast/increasing lfo to vol for gating & extra drilling.

Set re trigger to taste then trigger the roll manually? You could have a dedicated drum voice just for rolls

Apologies for posting twice man. I posted it in OT thread by accident, don’t have one but I have one on order. No idea how to delete posts on here:(

Crikey… this was the obvious one and I didn’t think of it. D’oh!:wink:
Cheers man. I’ll try everything you’ve outlined. Appreciate it:) Thank you also, Housecliche!

Why not use a roll pattern? Example A1 is the pattern and A2 is the pattern with a buildup.

I think the slowest retrig will give you 16ths - so you might explore an LFO approach if you need slower manual rolls - with some tweaking this might get you a roll that skips and speeds up/slows down etc to taste

Thanks for the tip jeffe:)
Had actually tried this yes, but I thought there might be another way that frees up pattern slots for other loops (in pattern mode.)

Cheers again fella:)

Do people generally perform live/jam at home in ‘pattern’ or ‘song’ mode (with endless loops)?

Another way would be in song mode you could program only maybe 1-2 steps of a pattern to repeat say 8 times.

Instant roll, no new pattern, no wasted tracks. Requires more programming and could be less ‘on-the-fly’, unless you use position jumps.

All of these in this thread are pretty good ideas.

I do both depending on the track. More complex sequences usually will pull in the song mode, or sometimes I use song mode just to program in rolls / crashes - the rest is freestyled within those confines.

Then the other times it’s all pattern jumping and track muting.

For me it’s all pattern mode - then it’s all about nailing your transitions - being an older machine the MD has a less sophisticated sequencer (e.g pattern change is always at final bar etc) but if you work within the limits and explore some old threads and vids, you’ll find some neat approaches to smooth transitions.

Cheers for the advice jeffe. I’ll have a bash off everything.

. I initially had hardware fear as I’m not used to it but this forum is really helping me with niggling questions that are not specifically answered in the manual.

I was actually going to buy cheap turntables recently, then I happened upon this short video of Bill Youngman performing I was basically sold on the whole Elektron mode of performing. Now I’m a lot poorer, but much happier;)